Announcing: New OyeDrum Editor

I’ve just been named the new Writing and Hybrid Works Editor with OyeDrum. I’m looking forward to working with the coven and in reading submissions for hybrid and prose work. Learn more about OyeDrum, and check out my interview with our leader Amarantha da Cruz.

There will be a call soon for new hybrid writing and prose work. Join the mailing list!

printable : origami fortune teller poem

Increasingly, as I’ve taught workshops I have crafted takeaway documents for further study. Very recently, I’ve returned to drawing or painting or playing with clay. It soothes my hands after a lot of 15 page papers for school. But it also refreshes my mind. So, as a new feature for my website, I’ll occasionally offer printables for those who visit. I may place them all on one page at some point but for now they will show on this blog page.

The first printable is an origami fortune teller that is also a visual poem. Dependent on the section you choose you will help me in crafting a poem. Click on the image below to open the pdf.

Possible poems include:

we tumble / like stones / across the land / across the water

we search / like ants / circling / foraging

Future printables will include quick writing prompts or tricks to get into writing, or guides to help develop characters or scenes.

Let me know how you like these!