W-I-P Creme performance + Update


The folks of W-I-P were so kind throughout my process. They recently sent me a video of my recent performance. You can see it here.

This was challenging for me but, once I got on the stage, I knew I could only rely on my truth. It was the only way to know that – even stumbling – I would know where my story was headed.

= = = = =

It’s been a few years now since I started my Year of No. This was meant as a personal challenge to submit my work in more places, to begin work on my book, and to put my voice out into the world. The idea was that I would get as many Nos as possible. In those responses, however, I hoped I would get a couple of Yeses.

More that the positive responses, I recognized it changed my own expectations. I wanted my work to reach into my own voice and experience more authentically. I wanted to place my art in places I wouldn’t have thought possible otherwise.

I have, over the last few years, seen my work on the stage. With thanks from the Latino theatre community, I was able to write, direct, and see the performance of my first one-person play, Nahual. My good friend San Juanita helped make that possible for me.

Now, over the last year I have seen myself on that stage. That was a challenge for myself I could have never imagined. I submitted a performance for W-I-P, an arts organization that provides a space for artists to present their work in progress and an audience who gives critical response and dialogue.

All this to say: I was invited back to perform my worked-on piece in what they call W-I-P Creme, a gathering of their preferred performances from their season. I’m so honored! This process and the space are so necessary to art. And I’m a lucky recipient.

I hope folks will make it out to the performance, Friday, May 10 at 7pm at Palo Alto College. I can’t wait!

what I’ve learned so far about the birth of a first book

  • you will hustle more than you ever thought. there’s even the quiet hustle that no one sees. all of this is challenging for an introvert like me.
  • the book will never be completely ready. i am having to learn to let it go. it has its own life now.
  • the reasons for creating the book are never more present than once its in print. I wanted to connect to community and I wanted to lift love as a topic worth writing about. i have done that – at least for myself.
  • others look at you as though you have created this impossible thing. I walk around reminding others that it can be done and I’m happy to support.
  • in having written this book I have learned a lot about myself.

spotlight: Giomara Bazaldua

Uhm, there isn’t enough room on this page for all the hustle that Gio brings.

There’s this amazing troupe, Zombie Bazaar. And those charming men. And even more drag kinging.

When I considered what to do with the cover for M + J she instantly came to mind. Her whole spirit is revolution and love and community. And she plays with fire too, y’all.

Check this amazing video with her troupe. Video by Erik Bosse.

Final book cover + book launch save the date

Here is the final cover!

Thanks so much to Anel, ire’ne, and Jim for their early reads.

Thanks also to Vanessa Velazquez for her photography and cover design, and Giomara Bazaldua, whose face graces the cover.

Save The Date

My book will have a formal launch. I hope you can make it.

Sunday, March 31, 2pm

@Galeria E.V.A.

3412 S. Flores St.

FMI: jrboitel@yahoo.com