Nomination : Best of the Net

OyeDrum nominated one of my poems, “Hot House Flower”, for the annual Best of the Net awards organized by Sundress Publications. Many thanks to Founder and Editor-In-Chief Amarantha Da Cruz, who helps to lead the wonderful OyeDrum coven. You can find the poem and two others they chose here.

I submitted the piece in response to their call for poems about and around sex. It ended up being part of a wonderful online issue I’m proud to have been included in.

I wrote the poem in a moment of honesty with myself. Prior to this piece it was easy to lay blame on another, or to think my heart was noble but those I gave it to less so. In the poem I am not only responsible but the instigator in what could become an ill-chosen relationship.

Visit OyeDrum to see the work they do and support them with your readership, through submitting your own work, and with a donation.

I’ll try to make this clear:

I’m lost.

I saw you weeks ago on the street

after years of not          you were just far enough

from the bar’s entrance   noncommittal

cordiality is the art of denial

from “Hot House Flower”

Author: jo reyes-boitel

poet, playwright, and essayist. queer Latinx. current MFA student.

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