Cultivating Fields: an intro to writing poetry

Tamiami Trail, Florida

Gemini Ink has invited me back to teach a community-based class on poetry, this time with a focus onpoetry for new poets. I like the idea of being a new poet. Sometimes I think I’m an experienced poet but, at least weekly something reminds me that I can sit at my desk or on my porch completely in awe of the world around me or the experiences I’ve made it through and find I struggle to find any words at all. I think this is the moment we must let ourselves float through as poets. This makes all poets new.

I am looking forward to meeting new poets, as well as those who haven’t written in a while because of the changing world we have had to navigate or because our lives have changed and we can’t find room for poetry or because we are in awe and don’t have words.

In this class we’ll generate new work that starts as conversations with other poems or with ourselves and our own questions. Then, we’ll look at opportunities for where our poetry can go after it’s been written. Yes, we can and will discuss critique or writing support groups, poetic tools, ways to build community, and even how to stay motivated to keep writing.

But, more than anything, we’ll allow ourselves to get to the center of poetry: emotion, story, and breath. Without these there is no poetry.

I hope you’ll join me. For more information or to register contact Gemini Ink.

Author: jo reyes-boitel

poet, playwright, and essayist. queer Latinx. current MFA student.

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