she wears bells cast + crew

These are some talented folx! Join all of us at the she wears bells premiere June 26 & 27, 2020.

JMA photoJoaquin “Muerte” Abrego (Percussion, Chorus), born in the barrio of San Felipe in Del Rio, began his professional music career 16 years ago in San Antonio as a street performer playing percussion and guitar. He has been playing music since he was a child and is a founding member of three local bands that compose original music: Los Nahuatlatos, Eddie and the Valiants and the San Antunes. Joaquin is creator of the Xicanx Versus Aliens podcast, available on Anchor and other platforms. He is also a traditional Danzante conchero, whose roots go back to pre-Hispanic America. He is a community health worker and community organizer in poor communities of color. Joaquin’s many other titles include chef, gardener, father, and husband.


Giomara Bazaldua (Choreographer, Actor) is director of Zombie Bazaar Panza Fusion, a local queer-based dance troupe fusing elements of cumbia, ballet folklorico, polka, and, of course, fire dance, to produce work to produce work centered on social issues like LGBTQIA rights, immigration, and women’s freedom. Gio is also the artistic director and creator of San Antonio’s only all Latinx drag king troupe, Los MENtirosos, which has been charming the city while creating space beyond the city’s gayborhood, where king representation has been nonexistent. Her character, Sir Gio, won Mister Pride San Anto (2019), scoring highest overall in all categories – fierce!

J Hawkins 2Jess Hawkins (Production Lead) is a silent but powerful force of nature, supporting and creating art and activism in San Antonio and beyond. As the voice of Los MENtirosos, San Antonio’s only Latinx drag king troupe, Jess transforms into Gacho Marx, a San Anto fresa who respects his father, idolizes his mother, and loves his hair.

b hurtadoBarbie Hurtado (Technical Development) is a fat queer chicanx activist and organizer who works with the San Antonio International Woman’s Day March, and Planned Parenthood. They are passionate about serving their community and are constantly learning, evolving, and growing. Barbie believes in sharing arte y cultura with their community as a teatrista and cultural worker. They write about las dolencias y alegrias de la vida but do not call themselves a writer. Barbie can be found around town leading chants on a megaphone, playing the jarana with Son Queers, or transforming into their alter ego Pancho Panza and dancing to Juan Gabriel.

JoyousJoyous Windrider Jiménez (Director, Video Editor) is a multi-disciplinary artist, educator, and mother of one son. A San Antonio native, Joy spent nearly a decade abroad, where she helped diverse minority groups tell their stories. Since her return in 2009 she has presented her poetry, theatre, and visual art pieces in venues around the city. Joy has facilitated the production of over 50 original plays created by and for San Antonio youth. She currently teaches for Gemini Ink and The Magik Theatre. Joy is also the co-founder of Raise The Whisper, a writing and art collective for those affected by family rape and ceibasexual abuse.

Ceiba ili (Flutes, Chorus) is Maya Lenca from Honduras. With a blend of traditional indigenous sounds and canto, Ceiba brings the migration stories to the forefront of her music and teaches about the importance of empowerment through cultural memory. Her performances educate and empower communities to remember their roots and their right to migration.

Jaime RamirezJaime Ramirez (Composer, Musical Director) is a San Antonio-based music director, composer, and pianist with a BA in Music from UTSA whose work has largely been in theater and circus worlds. He was Resident Music Director at The Magik Children’s Theatre (2000-2007) and continues to direct throughout the city. To date he has scored seven professional theatrical productions and been awarded ATAC awards for Best Original Scores (2010, 2011) and Best Music Direction (2016, 2017). Jaime also toured as lead keyboardist for Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus (2007-2010).

Jaime’s’s debut solo album, “underscored” is available now on and accessible on all streaming platforms. For more information visit YouTube.

bianca 2Bianca Sapet (Primary Vocalist) is a Xicana singer/songwriter , native to San Anto, Tejas, who strongly believes music can heal, transform, and transmute ancestral, spiritual knowledge; that music is one of the ways in which to bring about social change. Her life informs her music porque vida es arte y arte es vida. She is currently at work on an album.

l tijerinaLilith Tijerina is a San Antonio native teatrista pursuing a career in performance art, lighting design, and acting. As she navigates through an ongoing struggle with identity, her work reflects personal experiences of oppression, trauma, and healing as a brown Chicana artist. She has a BFA in Theatre, Performance and Production and a Minor in Latina/o Studies from Texas State University.

A curated playlist by Bonnie Ilza Cisneros (aka DJ Despeinada) will be played prior to each show. Attendees are invited to enjoy the pre-show mix.



Author: jo reyes-boitel

poet, playwright, and essayist. queer Latinx. current MFA student.

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