she wears bells : how to support San Antonio-based performance

I am a long-time poet whose work includes essays, plays, and one-woman performance. So much of my work with others in community is aimed at fortifying our spirit through creative work, of healing by placing our words and action out into the world.

I have been fortunate enough to gain new friends and work with established artists in my circle as we have come together for the operatic debut of she wears bells, a reconfigured operetta about the Aztec god Coyolxauhqui and her exile on the moon.

she wears bells is our first effort as a group and will be produced June 26 and 27, 2020 under Jump-Start Performance Co.’s umbrella as part of their INKubator project. 

With your support, this production and others can come to fruition to add more voices to an already rich history of culture and art in San Antonio. By supporting with a monthly gift you are opening the door to innovative and challenging voices within our community.

We welcome you to become a patron through Patreon.

If you would like to complete a one-time donation in support of the artists of this production or to talk about this and other projects complete your donation at or email me at

Author: jo reyes-boitel

poet, playwright, and essayist. queer Latinx. current MFA student.

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