Supporting Creatives during quarantine and other times

I am no good at asking for support. I have found myself in a lucky moment in my daily life supporting job but, like many other artists, the current environment has changed how we deal with getting our work out into the world and how we reach others and support their work.

I have used the last year to change the scope of how I view my creative work in the world, and to solidify goals for my work’s contribution to that larger world. As always I am a gentle, quiet voice but one that burns low and hot.

If you are able, consider supporting my efforts through Patreon:

‪‬I want to be clear, this Patreon page if for when this crisis is over. I know folks are working on their art now if the quarantine allows them to do so without interruption or stress about finances. I am tight but healthy and with food, a place, two cats who sometimes adore me, and a kid I’m super proud of. My job has assured us we are okay. I’ll be okay. Others will not and need your support right now. Give what you can. Even a few dollars to the food bank helps. Or, barter for services with friends and neighbors. Or cook a meal.



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